Bring Your Team to the Earth Walk!

Want to join us at the Earth Walk? Multiply your fun by being part of a team! We’ve made it easy for you to walk by yourself or to bring a whole team to the event and save on your registration fees!

2MKUSA3Walking has many benefits, and walking in a team or group is a great way to inspire and support, socialize and motivate you in your walking goals. Walking in teams also improves your safety. And of course, walking on a regular basis can offer many health benefits such as boosting your energy level, improving oxygen flow and strengthening your heart. Most importantly, it can reduce everyday stress.

There are many ways you can think about how to recruit your teams. Try recruiting people from your office, the online communities you may engage in, faith communities, or maybe just friends & family…these are all great resources for recruiting an effective team for your walking routine.

When you recruit your team, be mindful of the group’s collective activity level and stamina. People will tend to walk at the intensity level of the majority of the group. So a slow walker will try to walk faster to keep up, or a fast walker may slow down in order to stay with the pack. But either way, it’s always fun to share a great day out in the sun and take advantage of fresh air and exercise!

Signing up for the Louisville Earthwalk? It “pays” to look for a team created for your favorite organization or group. Individual registrations are $15, but group registrations are only $10! Just go to LouisvilleEarthWalk.organd register now!

Just go through these steps to register your team:

  • click Eventbright Link
  • then click on Tickets and select the Team option
  • type your organization namein the box
  • one or more options will appear in a dropbox
  • click on the namein the dropbox
  • then follow the rest of the steps to register

See you on Saturday, April 21 at 9:00am at Iroquois Park Amphitheater!!

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