Earth Walk 2020: More Than Just Walking

Covid-19 restrictions and different levels of concern from all people are making this year’s event a bit more than walking. If you are able to find a safe place to participate- fantastic! But, what if you aren’t in a position to go to a park or take a walk around your area? Having a virtual Earth Walk will be very useful for all the folks looking to participate from the comfort and safety of home. Get ready to pull out your yoga mat, exercise balls, jump ropes, or whatever else you can use- here are three types of exercises you can substitute for a walk in 30 minutes or less:

Yoga or Taichi:

A yoga workout or calming Tai Chi meditation can be very rewarding experiences. While it is not as exhilarating as some other fast paced workouts, the peaceful environment for these two activities are the closest thing to a walk in nature I can think of, and they are very useful for improving mental and physical health. If you have never tried these activities before here are some references for beginners that you can follow along with:

Exercise Ball Workouts:

If you’re anything like me, you may have an exercise ball stashed somewhere in your home that has yet to be taken out of the box! Now is a great time to pick up new exercise habits if you’re stuck indoors often. If you have an exercise ball readily available to you, the Earth Walk is a great day to get it out! This is another way you can get active, especially if you enjoy simple but rewarding workouts.

Jump Rope Workouts:

This exercise may be stationary for the most part, but it requires a lot of energy to do for long periods of time. To me, that means any longer than 5 minutes! If you’re looking for a challenge that can be done virtually anywhere (where you won’t hit something or someone!) doing a jump rope workout may be up your alley. This one is especially good for families with kids; and if you want to take it a step further, here’s a video for that too.

There are tons of ways you can stay involved in the Earth Walk on October 24th, so turn on some nature sounds and get active … from your home! And don’t forget to share pictures and videos of you participating since we can’t see your lovely faces in person!

Register for the Louisville Earth Walk Here!

DONATE to the Earth Walk Here!

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