Walking Together

Come out to the Earth Walk with your friends and family and enjoy walking together.

Walking is a wonderful family friendly activity and anyone can be involved with. Walking can be very therapeutic as well and it is a wonderful form of exercise that is less harsh on the body, unlike a lot of other sports and physical activities. Throughout this pandemic, there haven’t been many opportunities to engage with family at events because everyone has had to stay indoors a big part of this pandemic. However, getting outside and enjoying the outdoors can be extremely beneficial to you and your family at the Louisville Earth Walk and safe by social distancing. If you have a dog, they can also join you in the walk as well!

  Enjoying Nature

Think about a fond memory of you and your family out in nature and be excited to create one again this year. The Louisville Earth Walk presents a wonderful opportunity for your family to engage with one another, bring awareness to the challenges that Earth is facing so that we can partner and create a more habitable planet for all of us. While walking with your family it sure can be relaxing getting some vitamin D from the sun and enjoying nature, listening to the birds and watching other people in the city enjoy nature as well. While also walking in the park, a fun activity to engage your children with is to have a scavenger hunt! Another can be to do a matchbox hunt. Give your child an empty matchbox and ask them to fill it with treasures they find on the walk. This is a great visual experience because whenever you get home with them they can have a piece of nature with them to remind them of the memory.

Take some hammocks out with some hot chocolate during the walk to take a pause and enjoy where you are. I spy is a classic game to play with children and a great one to play during a walk! Another fun idea is to go geo-catching during the walk. This is a small, waterproof hidden box with treasures inside. You can find local ‘caches,’ and caches during the walk by visiting geocaching.com!

There are plenty of exciting games to also engage your family with during the Earth Walk this year, so try what will fit. There are even fun ones to play as an adult! Don’t be shy, think of numerous fun activities to do while on this walk to get the most out of Earth Walk.

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