Walk for a Cleaner Louisville

pollution-louisvilleCaring for our planet and advocating for clean air and clean water is becoming more important as populations grow and environmental regulations come under attack.  The Louisville Earth Walk offers an easy and fun way to help many of the local groups that are working hard to improve the air and water quality in Louisville.  While cars and power plants are getting cleaner, people are consuming at greater rates than in the past.  The Earth Walk agencies promote a more sustainable life style through education and advocacy.  As federal and state governments are moving to eliminate environmental protections, these groups are stepping up their efforts to protect the earth.  At the Earth Walk you will learn ways that you can reduce your impact and live more sustainably as well as advocate for better laws at the local, state and federal levels.  Assemble at team from your congregation, work place, or friends and family to get bragging rights for the top teams.  You can also walk as an individual and earn incentives (details TBA) for the pledges you get from family and friends.  Register today and start on your way to help make Louisville a healthier more sustainable place to live.

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