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feet-937698_960_720“Stepping Up for the Planet” is the theme for the inaugural Louisville Earth Walk coming to Iroquois Park on Saturday April 22nd and the timing couldn’t be better.

The Louisville Earth Walk is the opportunity our community needs – one where all of us can come together to show our mutual concern and care for planet Earth.  It is the opportunity we need to demonstrate our mutual concerns around protecting our water, our air and our soil today and for future generations.

History shows that protests and boycotts can be powerful ways to support our environment.  At the same time many are identifying a need to come together around what we are “for,” in contrast to what we are “against.”  This was key to the success of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth’s “I Love Mountains Day.” While hundreds gathered with the goal of stopping the destructive process that is mountain top mining – their clear focus was always on protecting Kentucky’s beautiful mountains. The Louisville Earth Walk provides this same kind of opportunity.

It also provides support for protecting our natural resources by both raising awareness around environmental issues and suggesting things we can do to live out that awareness.  At the same time it will help connect the community to many of the non-profits that work year round for environmental justice and a healthy planet.

These times call for mutuality, for solidarity, visibility and action.  They call for everyone’s engagement. These times call for ”Stepping Up for the Planet.”  I hope you will put on your walking shoes and join us on April 22nd, Earth Day 2017.  Details and registration are available at

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