Fundraising for a Sustainable City – It’s Easy

Some of us are naturals when it comes to fundraising, and others feel terribly uncomfortable. For me, I am reminded of how I used to ask my father for money and all the anxiety that brought up. Nowadays my perspective has shifted as I’ve embraced the simple idea that matching up concerned people with resources, with organizations who can put those resources to good use, is a gift unto itself. From that perspective, asking is easy.

In this digital age, online platforms and mobile phones make giving easy as well. With just a link — along with a credit card or PayPal account — a transaction can be completed in just a few clicks.

We hope you might be willing to do some fundraising for Louisville Earth Walk. You can do a little, a little more, or even a little bit more using the fundraising tools on our MightyCause page. All this is easy!

Promoting direct giving on the main Louisville Earth Walk MightyCause page is the easiest way to help raise money for the walk. This entails simply sharing this link with a note encouraging others to make a gift. Once you have your note ready you could email it, send it by text, and/or post it on your Facebook or other social media!

Are you digitally savvy? Take it to the next level. Set up your own MightyCause fundraising page with your own fundraising goals, your own “story,” and your own unique URL. Once you’ve set up your page, you can then share it with your people — you can email it, send it by text and/or post it on your Facebook or other social media! Follow this link and click on “Fundraise.”

Not feeling that the digital approach is for you? Download our old-fashioned and perfectly functional donor pledge form, and use that to track and collect your people’s donations! Guess what – this too is easy.

Of course, creating a sustainable city is far less easy, but when we support Louisville Earth Walk, the work it supports does make the realization of that vision easier.





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