Earth Walk 2020: Imagined!

Have you ever written a blog (web log) before?  Well it’s not easy: the hardest thing is deciding on a topic from a universe of ideas.  It occurred to me that one needs a decent imagination to dream up a topic.  So, I decided to write about … wait for it … imagination.  And I think that the fourth annual Louisville Earth Walk is all about imagination.  For example, our tag line this year is “Beyond the Talk, the Louisville Earth Walk.”  And what is beyond talk?  Well, imagining, of course.     

We Louisville Earth Walk organizers recently made the difficult decision to not have an in-person option this year.  Instead we are going “citywide” meaning there will be no physical gathering in a single location; you can take your walk anywhere and anytime you choose.  So, here is an opportunity to imagine, to create, your own unique experience.  Imagine a 3:00 a.m. stroll in your neighborhood; an easy dawn hike on an Olmsted Park trail; a rugged afternoon hike in Jefferson Memorial Forest; or a sunset amble on the Riverwalk and over the Big Four bridge.

On the other hand, your personal Louisville Earth Walk could be truly imaginary with a “Free-Form” experience, our second option, which need not be a walk at all.  You could sit under your favorite tree and meditate, do yoga in your back yard, or lay flat on your back and stare at the sky with your non-human companion beside you.  Imagine any kind of enjoyable experience in nature and then make it real … or not.  In your mind, take an imaginary walk in the company of an imagined partner or your favorite socially un-distanced friends.  

There are some things we hope you will not imagine but will actually do:  (1) watch our digital programming on October 24th; (2) engage with social media yourself by sharing photos and snippets of whatever experience you’re having; and (3) donate to Louisville Earth Walk to help local environmental nonprofits attend to the health of Mother Earth.

Over the years I have read and heard testimony that if you imagine a desired outcome often enough, and make it real enough in your mind, then that outcome will likely come true.  I’ve also heard that the more people who hold the same image in their heads at the same time, the more likely the desired outcome will manifest itself.  I tend to believe this.  So, on October 24th, while intensely experiencing your imagined or real activity, I challenge everyone to imagine a world in which human beings believe in the mystery, sacredness and interconnectedness of all life, of all that is, and act in accord with that belief.  As John Lennon sang in his song “Imagine,”

“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.”

Imagine that …

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