Walking as a way of “Seeing” nature

Join us for the Louisville Earth Walk at Cherokee Park in Louisville on October 22nd— Register here. Our Guest Blogger is Terrell Holder from the Greater Louisville Sierra Club.

I’m a sponge for what I “see” in the world with all my senses. My wife occasionally has to scold me to keep my eyes on the road while driving through a particularly scenic area or when something catches the corner of my eye. In March I had the good fortune to see a bald eagle locally on three different occasions. The first was flying over Beargrass Creek in Seneca Park. The second was in a tree along the Ohio River. The third was flying across I-65 in southern Indiana just north of Scottsburg. The resurgence of local eagle populations is due primarily to cleaner water and the ban on DDT way back in 1972. As a result of action and advocacy by many conservation organizations we are far more likely to encounter “charismatic megafauna” in our daily lives today.

We are approaching the 2022 Louisville Earth Walk and activities around the region abound. As I reflect on the significance of the Earth Walk it is important to note that over the years the approach to conservation has changed from focusing on individual species and preservation of parks and other public lands to a holistic approach in which the connectivity and persistence of habitat has no boundaries. All the organizations that benefit from the Earth Walk believe in the power of community and people to give voice to the creatures that have none. Please come out and join with others who care for all the living creatures that are the mosaic of life on this oasis in space.

We hope to see you on October 22nd for this year’s Earth Walk. Bring a team and help us raise funds for ten amazing environmental nonprofits in your community! Register here. 

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