Walking as a Call to Action

Join us for the Louisville Earth Walk at Cherokee Park in Louisville on October 22nd— Register here. Our Guest Blogger is Andrea Diaz Buezo, biology student from Western Ky. University.

Walking is one of those things we can often take for granted. We learn to do it before we turn two, we wobble on unstable legs, focus really hard on the next step, pay attention to the emotions of those surrounding us, and just as we get ‘good’ at it, it fades into the background. It is the natural way of things, of course, if we had to think about every step we take, walking would be quite exhausting and inefficient. But just like walking can take a back seat in the whirlwind of our lives, so can important things such as the breath-taking views, fulfilling experiences, and vast biodiversity that our natural world has to offer.

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors; the fresh breeze, the songbirds, the magnitude of trees and the shade they provide, the beauty of flowers, and even the random insect that sounds like it’s having a moment. As a college student, hiking and walking has very much become an outlet to let go of certain thoughts, of stress, and of never-ending deadlines, at least for a little while. It’s an opportunity to enjoy and learn about how diverse and beautiful the earth is, and to share those moments with the people I care about the most. 

But most importantly, actively engaging in the recreational activities that natural areas have to offer, has awakened a call to action. A call to fight for the protection of our environment from actions that threaten to endanger or end vital ecosystems, from which many depend on; humans, animals, and plants alike. A call to advocate for vulnerable populations and those who do not have a voice. 

It’s important that we, now more than ever, remember the value that the outdoors add to our lives, for every part of nature is deeply intertwined with our well-being. So take a walk, enjoy the outdoors, pick up a new hobby, plant some native plants in your garden, and find a way to get involved in the fight for the protection and conservation of our immensely valuable natural world.


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